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The Richmond Concert Band is open to all individuals aged 16 years and older who play a musical instrument. Auditions are not required for membership. Seating assignments are made by the section leader, based on musicianship, sectional balance, growth opportunities, and attendance. Any concerns or preferences about placement should be discussed with the section leader.


The following rules have been established to promote order at rehearsals and performances:

Regular rehearsal attendance is necessary to achieve the highest standard of musical performance. We expect participation in at least four rehearsals prior to any concert to become familiar with the music. The exception is the Fourth of July concert; participation is required for the six rehearsals immediately prior to the concert is required. If you will miss a rehearsal or a concert, contact your section leader. To optimize our rehearsal time, we ask that you refrain from texting or using your cell phone during rehearsal.

Music should either be put in the music box or signed out on the sheet provided by the librarian at the conclusion of each rehearsal. Music signed out must be returned at the next rehearsal. If you cannot attend the next rehearsal, make arrangements to return the music. After the last rehearsal before a performance, all music must be turned in.

The Band rehearses from 7:30–9:30 PM on each Tuesday of the month at Tabernacle Baptist Church. Please bring a pencil to all rehearsals. You may bring a bottle of water.

Concert attire

The designated uniform must be worn for all performances. Presently, the uniform is a white pullover sport shirt with the Richmond Concert Band insignia, worn with dark blue slacks, dark shoes, and dark socks. The Band Shirt may be purchased from the personnel manager, Diane Stone. Navy blue suits or blazers may be required on certain occasions which will be announced in advance.

A voluntary contribution of $1.00 per rehearsal is encouraged. We have no annual band dues.

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